The Debilitating Effects of Fear
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The Debilitating Effects of Fear

The influence of fear is inconsistent, cannot be justified, explained, or even understood. It is the most destructive influence held in our mind.

Fear is not a great motivator and it is not a friend. It is the most destructive influence held in our mind. The influence of fear is one of the least understood psychological aspects of our inner world that is inconsistent, cannot be justified, explained, or even understood. If the reason for fear was unveiled it would immediately be recognized that fear only offers destruction, and we would immediately let it go because of its lack of value. However, as long as our world continue to believe there is some redeeming attributes in fear, it will continue to be assigned a positive value it does not have. When we experience fear, we are not being reasonable. When we react to fear, the unnatural response is to hide or run away. Fear cannot accurately define a situation, so it cannot give proper guidance for a correct action.

The illogical conclusions that give credit to fear to help in fearful situations are illogical. If a room is dark because it is night, we know that opening up the curtains to let more darkness in will not fix the situation. The logical conclusion is to turn on a light to dispel the darkness. Whenever someone acts heroically when fear is evident, it is not because fear motivated them into a heroic action. Fear cannot fix fear, just as more darkness cannot fix a dark room. When someone acts heroically,, they have moved to a higher level of integrity, which dispelled their fear and redefined the situation, or problem in their mind. This allowed them to act instead of react. When fear is given credit for a heroic deed, this is not a consistent message. Fear cannot be defined as both a cause for courage and cowardice. When fear is used as a contradiction, we attempt to use fear to help us. It cannot help us because fear is a wrong reaction to a situation calling for right action.

We learned fear as children. It is the boogey man we learned to believe lived under our bed to scare us when the lights went out. As we mature, we see there was no boogey man, but the fear in our mind that developed in childhood remained with us. With maturity, the boogey man changes form. The deceptive form fear takes in adulthood does not allow us to recognize we are still dealing with a childhood monster. The experience of fear remains the same as when we were a child. The difference is, we grew up but our fear did not. Fear thus becomes a monster assigned to a bill collector, the IRS, or someone else who we perceive as threatening. The monster is nothing but an underlying false belief taking aim to damage or destroy our integrity and our reality. Maturity will make us deal with the monsters our parents used to try to explain away. We didn’t believe their explanations that the boogey man was not real either.

When were children, we used inner monsters to define someone or something “out there” whose behavior makes no sense to us, or something we did not understand. Mean behavior perpetrated on a child by an adult defies the reasoning ability of a child, so they make something up to explain the meaning of what is being observed. Children do not know the difference between what is out there and what is in their mind. To them, what is out there is also in here, so their mind adjusts to the physical experience by adapting internally to what is externally confusing. This is the cause of all fear, for children cannot make something up to define reality. Once a fear is in place, it will not leave just because a child matures. Instead, fear sticks around imposing itself in ways that are difficult for an adult to comprehend. Most people can relate to this, because everyone has recognized an internal fear that was not rational. This irrational fear was made up by a child; this is why it is unreasonable. Science tells us we form most of our personalities before we reach the age of 5. What if most of the influence we had before the age of 5 was fearful? Is it reasonable that we would grow out of fear like we do our clothes? Our clothes do not have memories, but our mind remembers everything.

The mind is the most creative force in the Universe, and we do not grow out of fearful patterns just because we grow up. Once a fearful mind pattern has been established, it is there until the fear is rationally dealt with from an adult perspective. Before this can happen, the fear must be fully revealed to the adult to see the fear is not reasonable. Until this happens, the fear pattern held in mind will remain.

We believe we are afraid of what we don’t want, but in fact we are afraid of what we do want. Imagine walking down a dark alley. You want to feel safe, but you don’t because you are afraid that someone may jump out and grab you (boogey man syndrome). Aren’t you really afraid that you won’t be safe, so you choose fear over feeling safe? We want to feel safe, but don’t because we are choosing to feel the fear over safety. Wouldn’t it make more sense to choose not to walk down a dark alley because you care enough about yourself not to? This would eliminate making fear a reality. Walking down an unsafe dark alley is not heroic, it is stupid.

An uncomfortable feeling, which can lead to fear, doesn’t necessarily have to take you there. If it does, don’t depend on fear to help you because it won’t. Remain calm and ask for quiet internal Help. What you ask for, you will receive. Everyone has a choice. A hero chooses to listen to integrity that fear does not have. It is this higher integrity we must learn to look to for our protection.

We unconsciously seek for what is familiar because there is comfort in what we know, even if it is fearful. Because our mind seeks for what is the same in everything it sees, it uses past references to define our reality in the present. Fear is not our reality. It is a past solution for an immature emotional response to what could not be logically assessed as a child. It is time to let go of these familiar immature emotionally inept responses and make better choices that do not promote fear.

The solution is simple, but not easy. We cannot simply ignore our fear, for fear is a past reference pattern formed in our mind to ensure we will not make another mistake. Because our mind is aware of this pattern, it will continue to reference fear whenever it is reminded of fear learned in the past. We know it is impossible to go through life without making mistakes, but children don’t. It is time to undo these fear based immature emotional decisions, and become rational emotionally mature adults.

When learning how to undo fear, past references have to be addressed where fear lives in our mind. These references are not in a situation, which seems to be occurring out there. When we look to a situation to undo fear, we are in denial of fear and attempt to blame a situation for our dilemma. The situation is a symptom, not the source of fear. Without recognizing this, we will continue to use fear to avoid looking at the real problem.

Because of the debilitation effect of fear on the psyche, learning to address the cause instead of the symptom takes time to learn. Learning to hear your own words are helpful, as your words will reveal the truth if they are listened to. Talk to someone about the situation so you can “hear” what your words reveal. This will help reveal the pattern of fear in a new light. Mind chatter is a symptom of fear, so when your mind chatters endlessly, know this is a childhood fear, and your inner child is seeking to look for ways to avoid the boogey man.

Because fear is dark and hides in the cracks of the mind, the curtains have to be drawn back to reveal its unreality. Because fear is a lie, consistent truth must be applied so the unnatural pattern in fear can be revealed. As consistent honesty replaces fearful mind patterns, life will become much simpler. When we stop being afraid of what we want, we can have anything.

As we learn to explore our own mind without fear, we will not only find another reality for ourselves, but for our world as well. Without fear there is no need for war, hate, disease, prejudice, or religious persecution. The next step in evolution is to eradicate irrational fear from the mind. We are truly living in an exciting time. It is time to explore the inner recesses of the mind and alleviate the unnatural consequences that fear not only has on ourselves, but the world we live in as well.

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