The Criminal Mind: The Organized Mind of a Serial Killer
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The Criminal Mind: The Organized Mind of a Serial Killer

This article is inspired by the TV series, Criminal Minds. While this article is inspired by the TV show, it is not about the show or even a review of the show. This article will discuss the criminal mind and how it operates. This article will also focus on the organized mind. Another article will focus on the disorganized mind.

Terms such as organized mind and disorganized mind are terms used in criminal profiling. Criminal profiling helps to draw a mental picture of an UNSUB (unidentified subject), which is the unidentified serial killer. Clinical psychologists, psychiatrists and other mental health professionals with a Master’s degree and higher have likely studied criminal psychology. Many forensic psychologists started out in the clinical setting and found an interest in the criminal mind.

The organized mind of a serial killer

The organized mind is one that belongs to a killer who is extremely intelligent. Ted Bundy was an organized serial killer. The criminal with an organized mind has a seemingly normal life. He (most serial killers are male), or she may have gone through some horrendous abuse, but his or her life may appear fairly normal to the neighbors.

The organized serial killer may seem happily married or be in a seemingly committed relationship, or has a seemingly healthy dating life. Nothing about the organized serial killer would immediately draw attention to him or her. He or she probably has a good job, is well groomed and keeps a neat house.

This type of criminal will use seduction or use some method to get the victim’s trust. He or she will be so “normal” that the victim won’t realize until it’s too late that he or she shouldn’t have opened the door, or engaged at all with this person. This type of killer may also dismember a body to get rid of it.

The organized criminal will most likely return to the scene of his or her crime.  For instance, many serial arsonists will return to the scene of their crime. They have to do it. It’s part of the rush they get from it. They want to blend in and watch the drama as it unfolds. Oftentimes, investigators will watch the crowd of such a scene to pick up on the faces present. Random pictures of a crowd of people can sometimes uncover the arsonist.

The organized killer will often play “cat and mouse” with the police or the family of the victims. He enjoys this, and on some level he may want to get caught, and on another level he may think the profilers are idiots and will never catch him.

The organized killer may have wished to fulfill some goal in life that was never attained. For instance, the killer might have wanted to be a firefighter or a police officer. The serial killer may portray him/herself as an officer of the law or an EMT or a firefighter in order to gain the trust of his or her victims. This is why if you are being pulled over on a dark and lonely street, you should not pull over until you are in a lighted area where there are other people about. Women have been targets for rapes and killings by criminals dressed as police officers.

Due to the subject matter of this article, another article will focus on the disorganized mind of a serial killer. There may be other articles to follow to further open up the deviant mind of a serial killer.


Criminal Minds TV Series

Twisted Minds

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Comments (4)

good artilce Charlene keep them coming

You have an interesting series started here, Charlene. I am interested in seeing how far you take it.

Thanks Carol. I will. Stay tuned! Just wrote another one on a female serial killer. You all might remember her. 

Thank you Jerry. I never knew that I would start this series. I had a big idea to write about the mind of a serial killer which was inspired by my favorite TV series. I'm no expert, but I am intrigued by the criminal mind. What makes them tick!?