Sociopathic Personality Disorder
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Sociopathic Personality Disorder

An overview of the symptoms and treatment of sociopathic personality disorder.

How many people are sociopaths? "The Sociopath Next Door" by Martha Stout estimates about 1 in 25 people are sociopaths ( Many people when they hear the word "sociopath" think of an evil, twisted murderer or child abuser. This book describes the way that sociopaths have no real emotional attatchment to people and view relationships as trophies for themselves.The book continues to describe how common sociopaths are and how their twisted views of the world seem to those who don't have sociopathic disorders.

According the Mayo Clinic's web page about sociopathic personality disorder is a very severe form of antisocial personality disorder( The Mayo Clinic continues to list the symptoms of antisocial personality disorder including continual lying and cheating, indifference toward right and wrong, child abuse, violence and other assorted symptoms. For whatever reason, the worst of the antisocial personality disorder behavior tends to get the worst in the mid twenties and then decreases. While it isn't like the problems go away, these people are less likely to commit a crime later in life.

It is not completely clear what causes people to become sociopaths, but as with all personalities it is a unique mixture of experiences and genetic influences. Those with personality disorders generally don't seek treatment on their own as it is truly a part of who they are. It is their personality disorder. A very large percent of those in prison for violent crimes have antisocial personality disorder but only a small portion of them meet the diagnostic criteria to truly be considered a sociopath. A larger number of men are sociopaths are men than women. A huge number of other psychiatric problems in addition to antisocial personality disorder. (

Sociopathic personality disorder is a disorder that affects a large number of the population. There is really only limited ways to treat this disorder and those who have this disordered can't be forced into therapy. There is no real effective way to "cure" a sociopath. Those who are affected with this disorder are dangerous and living with and loving one of these people know that it is very difficult to understand their actions and behaviors and may often feel betrayed. Those who live with a person who has sociopathic personality disorder should receive therapy for themselves to preserve their own safety and mental health.

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