Serial Murderers: The Disorganized Mind of a Serial Killer
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Serial Murderers: The Disorganized Mind of a Serial Killer

In the last article we discussed some of the most common characteristics of an organized mind. This is called criminal profiling. Criminal profilers can identify the type of person that will commit certain types of serial murders. If you are interested in criminal psychology, or you want to understand more about the criminal mind, please keep reading.

For the rest of this article, I will refer to the serial killer as male, simply for the ease and flow of the wording. In the previous article we discussed the organized mind of a serial killer. This article will focus on the disorganized mind. The disorganized serial killer is totally different from the organized killer. The disorganized serial killer isn’t very smart; the IQ is usually below 100 in the 80 to 95 range. He probably doesn’t date due to the inability to mingle with people and socialize.

The disorganized serial murderer will probably not have a wife or girlfriend for the reason stated above. He may live alone, but not always. He may also live with a parent. He may also have had an unstable home life with an absent or abusive parent. While growing up, the child may have had a love/hate relationship with his parents due to the inconsistent quality of his home life.

Due to his low IQ he probably didn’t finish high school, and he probably doesn’t follow current events. He is an opportunistic killer. He likes to prowl at night. He is less likely to be seen. He probably works for minimum wage due to his lack of education. His self-esteem is probably low due to his inept social abilities. He probably isn’t very well groomed and he probably doesn’t bathe very often.

Because he hasn’t got a high paying job, he most likely drives an old car, pickup truck or van. Like the organized killer, he does need to return to the scene of the crime. He gets pleasure watching the drama play out. Watching the aftermath is just as titillating as the crime itself. The disorganized killer may also enjoy taunting the family of the victim. He most likely never wanted to be a police officer, so he won’t try to impersonate one to get his victims.

He is an opportunistic killer. He doesn’t plan out his attacks. The method is a blitz attack. A grab and run type killing. He will likely leave the victims’ bodies intact, where the organized killer might dismember the victim to hide it. There is often a sexual component to the killings. This doesn’t always mean that the killer sexually assaults the victims, but it does mean that the killers have probably suffered some type of severe sexual abuse in their lives.

The disorganized serial killer usually leaves some sort of trail behind. There may be semen where he sexual assaulted a victim or masturbated at the murder scene. He may leave other telltale clues behind. He is most likely not planning out a well laid out plan; he may want to get caught on some level.

This article was also inspired by my favorite crime series, Criminal Minds. It should be noted that the characteristics of the organized and disorganized killer isn’t going to be exactly the same as portrayed in this article. Every case is different and the criminals are profiled via professionals with extensive backgrounds in criminal psychology.


Criminal Minds TV Series

Twisted Minds

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Comments (4)

well done Charlene

I agree with Carol, Charlene, well done!

Thanks Carol and Jerry. I'm enjoying this. I had suggested to Carol that she might want to delve into this subject because of her background in criminal psychology. She told me it was my idea and I should run with it. She could always do it at a later time. I'm loving it!

I am a fan of Criminal Mind and Cold Case and love watching it but I never thought of writing about the subject, I am with Carol and Jerry, its a job well done!